Gear Overview

By popular demand, heres an overview of some of the gear and solutions I use. 


Digital DSLR

My DSLR is the Nikon D800, a 36 Mp professional camera body.


16-35 f4  |  50mm f1.8  |  70-200 f2.8  |  85mm f1.8  |  105mm macro f2.8 | 28-300 f3.5 - 5,6

Mirrorless system

I use the Fujifilm mirrorless system. My camera body is the Fujifilm X-Pro 1, which ia a 16Mp digital camera.


14mm f2.8  |  23mm f1.4  |  35mm f1.4  |  56mm f1.2

My little box of 35mm B&W film (from Japan Camera Hunter)

Film cameras

I still own and use the first SLR camer I ever owned, a Nikon EM. The EM is a simple, reliable easy to use film camera that operates in a Aperture Priority mode. This means that i have to choose an aperture and the camera sets an appropriate shutter speed. Focus is also manual.

I also own a Nikon FM2 - another robust 35mm film camera - this is fully manual camera - I have to set the aperture, shutter speed as well as focus. 

The main lenses I use for these cameras include:

Nikkor E-series 50mm f1.8

Nikkor Ai-s 28-85 f3.5 - 4.5


Computing & processing

Apple iMac 27" desktop, Macbook Pro laptop.

Wacom Bamboo tablet, Spyder Pro calibration, 

Epson Stylus Pro 3880 printer (up to A2)

Epson V500 photo scanner


Adobe Creative Cloud: Lightroom, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Nik plugins.


Flash: Nikon SB910, SB600. Fuji EF-X20

Radio triggers: Pocketwizard mini TT1, Flex TT5, AC3 zone controller

Lightmeter - Sekonic Flashmate L308S-U

Microphone: Rode shotgun micvideomic pro

Tripods: Velbon, Sirui, 

Filters: Lee Big Stopper, various ND graduated filters in 100mm and Seven5 systems

Lighting & stands - Elinchrom stands, umbrellas, softboxes

Bags: Ona Brixton, Ona Bowery., Think Tank retrospective 10, Lowepro slingsot 20, Tamrac expedition. 

Magmod - diffusers, grids