I’ve been interested in photography for quite a long time – check out this photo of me when I was quite young with a camera around my neck!

My parents went on an overseas trip When I was a teenager and brought me back a camera – my first SLR. I still have and use that camera and continue to learn from using it. While I was learning and experimenting with it, I found it was expensive to pay for the film processing, so I set about learning how to develop the film myself. The simpler process led me to focus my photography mainly on black and white. 

One of my friends had an enlarger, and I traded a set of golf clubs for it. I then build a makeshift darkroom in a bathroom at home. As life progressed, I got married, had kids, moved house… I had no suitable spare space to keep my darkroom setup. I was also finding I had less and less time to spend on photography and my hobby took a back seat for some time.

But the interest never left me and in 2010, and I decided to revive my hobby and buy a digital SLR. In the time that had elapsed, film had become less and less used as digital cameras advanced. Learning and experimenting recommenced, as the new digital camera was the first fully manual capable camera that I owned, which meant I could explore the possibilities that it brought. I also had to learn to use processing software. 

My jobs with international resources companies provided me with not only the income to fund my hobby but also the opportunity to travel extensively. So I did some workshops, bought extra gear and started taking my camera with me when I travelled for work.  I became more immersed in photography once again and developed my technical competence with the equipment, the processing and a variety of different genres of photography: people, studio shooting, lighting, street, landscapes etc. 

My desire to spend more time on photography was growing. I also felt that despite technical competence with gear and software, there was something missing in my photographs. I decided to study photography and art, and at the beginning of 2017, I started a degree in Photography at Griffith University.  So far it’s been all I desired – more time spent on photography, exploring other art forms and art theory to help me with my creativity and vision.  If you'd like to see what I did in my first year, click here for an overview.

I enjoy the satisfaction of producing beautiful images, continually learning and overcoming challenges. It’s an honour to be chosen by people to create photos for them and to work with clients to give them something they love. My galleries on this website allow you to see some of my work and get a sense of my style and capabilities.

If you are interested in gear, please click here to see the details of my photo equipment.

I love sharing my knowledge and am available for personal tuition in all aspects of photography. 


Please get in touch if you would like to have me take photos for you -  click here for contact details. You can have a look at my portfolio of event photography here

I also welcome collaborators that would like to work with me - photographers, artist, film makers, performers, models etc. so please let me know if you have any ideas we can work on together.